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ACPRO offers radiological protection courses and workshops in the following modalities: e-learning (access to the portal campus), blended learning and face-to-face;

We have extensive experience in radiation protection training.

Ionizing radiation has many uses, which should be carried out safely: to this end, it is essential that users are adequately trained in Radiation Protection.

We have extensive experience in training in Radiation Protection: in 2007 we approved courses for radiology directors and operators and in 2012 we approved courses for the training of supervisors and operators of radioactive facilities.

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Courses approved by the CSN

ACPRO offers courses on Radiation Protection (RP), approved by the Spanish Nuclear Safety Council (CSN), both in the classroom and blended mode.

Radiology facilities

Courses for the accreditation of Director/Operator of radiodiagnostic facilities (40 h/ 35 h estimated elearning training in free schedule + 1 day of 5 h);

Training of supervisor/operator of radioactive facilities: process control, non-encapsulated sources, industrial radiography, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy (50 to 70 hours of e-learning training on a free schedule + 2 or 3 days of classroom training, depending on the area of application)

Courses approved by the health authority

Second level training in Radiological Protection (RP) oriented to the practice in interventional radiology.

Radiation levels

Second level training courses in Radiological Protection oriented to the practice in interventional radiology (20 hours of classroom training);

It is possible to take sequentially the course of accreditation as director of radiology (first level course) and the training course in radiation protection oriented to interventional radiology (second level course); with a total of 15 hours of e-learning + 2 and a half days of classroom training.

Basic RP courses for external workers in Controlled Area

Under Spanish Royal Decree 1029/2022 “Articles 54 to 58 are dedicated to the “Occupational protection of outside workers”, including the Radiation Protection (RP) training required in the performance of their work.

radioactive material

This training is detailed in the IS-06 of the CSN, by “which defines the basic and specific radiological protection training programmes, which details:

Scope and content of the training program.

System for the evaluation of acquired knowledge.

Validity/Periodicity of training.

Continuing education courses in radioactive and radiodiagnostic facilities.

It is important to maintain and update knowledge of Radiation Protection.

Radioactive laboratory

Based on the radioactive facility, biennial training related among others to: operating regulations, emergency plan, …

Continuing education for radiodiagnostic facilities in aspects related to: radiological patient protection for different modalities (CT, interventional radiology…), quality assurance, …

Basic Radiation Protection courses for residents

The course provides basic information on both the risks associated with the use of ionizing radiation in medical applications and the criteria and procedures to minimize those risks.

use of ionizing radiation in medical applications

It consists of the following blocks, with an eminently practical approach and focused on residents:

Ionizing radiation with its physical fundamentals and radiobiological effects.

General criteria of Radiological Protection and its applicable regulations.

Radiological protection of patients.

Radiological protection of exposed workers and the general public.

Courses on radiation of natural origin

Covers aspects of basic Radiological Protection in case of exposure to radiation of natural origin.

industry generating natural radionuclide waste

Basic Radiological Protection in the NORM (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material) Industry, where waste enriched in natural radionuclides is generated.

Basic radiological protection in radon exposure: scenarios with increased potential for exposure, systems for quantifying concentrations, dose estimates, and protective and remedial actions.

Seminars and workshops on Radiation Protection

Seminars and workshops on radiological protection (radiodiagnosis in operating rooms, CT, mammography, radon, NORM, etc.).

Radiation protection seminars and workshops

These are eminently practical sessions adapted to the needs/deficits of each Center/Facility.

Practical cases, with identification of risks and their associated problems.

Clarification of concepts associated with the different types of exposure/contamination risks.

Practical solutions to the cases presented and to verify, in a practical way, their effectiveness.

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    Do you want more information about our training service?